Powering gensets... around Europe

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In 2019, the big question for manufacturers, who produce genset to be sold in Europe, to avoid the use of high costly engines is the following:
"Mobile or Stationary?"
What does stationary means?
Regulation 2016/1628 defines:

(34) “stationary machinery” means machinery that is intended to be permanently installed in one location in its first use and not intended to be moved, on road or otherwise, except during shipment from the place of manufacture to the place of first installation;

(35) “permanently installed” means bolted, or otherwise effectively fixed so that it cannot be removed without the use of tools or equipment, to a foundation or an alternative constraint intended to cause the engine to operate in one single location at a building, structure, facility or installation;
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Powering gensets... around Europe
Powering gensets... around Europe