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Privacy and Cookie Policy

This is the cookie usage notice in implementation of the Guarantor's Personal Data Protection Act of May 8, 2014 "Identifying simplified ways for information and consent to use cookies" and in compliance with art. 13 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003).

The cookie policy is prepared and updated by Bimotor, the web site manager and owner of the personal data related to it, located at Ciriè (To) - Via Marie Curie, 22 -10073 -Tel: 0039 011 - 921.40.15. Any further request for the use of cookies in this web site may be sent to the email address

This website uses technical cookies to provide the navigator with functional navigation and thus fully usable and third party analytics to track the progress of visits to the site, under no circumstances cookies that can profile users are used, and data recorded (such as those to access restricted areas or ancillary features) are not disclosed, communicated or disseminated in any way, but are only used by the website manager.

Cookies, what they are and what types exist

Cookies are small text strings that internet sites exchange with devices used to navigate to store some data to be reused later on. The information obtained from cookies and also the way and the purposes of their use can be of a different kind, which is why there are different types of cookies.

Why are these data stored during navigation? Simply to make the user navigation experience better. n fact, there are cookies needed to display site pages correctly or to take advantage of all the features from it offered or to access to some reserved areas. This so-called technical cookie is part of this family because it is closely linked to the proper technical operations of the site itself, a practical example of a cookie that records the user's preferred language on a page translated into several languages. Another widespread purpose is that of user profiling, a practice whereby you can provide content based on your needs expressed by the user through his network search, his previous navigation or simply by his profile . This category includes the profiling cookies with which the web experience of users is enhanced with content or announcements relevant to their tones.

Cookies are therefore computer strings that store data captured while surfing an internet site, but how long are they kept in memory? Information recorded by cookies lasts for a certain period of time that expires. There are very limited cookies, such as session cookies disappearing at the end of navigation, and others that remain active longer, but in any case for a fixed time: is the case of persistent cookies.

Who uses cookie information? Cookie data can be used directly by the web site manager and in this case we talk about first part cookie as well as cookies that even if generated from a website are then used by others, these are called third party cookies . A typical example of popularity is provided by Google's analytic cookies, a tool able to aggregate anonymously the navigation data.

Cookies on this site and Google Analytics

It is stated earlier that this site only uses technical cookies and Google analytics to make navigation functional and enjoyable, but uses no profiling cookies at all. If technical cookies are used to make the site work, Google Analytics cookies are used to understand what content and site features are most appreciated and visited thanks to an anonymous and aggregated analysis provided by a third party, namely Google Analytics itself.
For more information, you can consult the information provided by Google at:
You can prevent Google Analytics from using the collected data by browsing in anonymous (Do Not Track) options offered from your browser.

You can also completely disable Google Analytics by installing a specially crafted component. Downloading this component is available here

Below, the complete list of cookies used by this site, with purpose, duration and typology of them:

Name: consensoCookie
Purpose: Keep track of banner reading on cookies to avoid showing it repeatedly
Duration: 1 year
Typology: first part technical cookie

Purpose: access and use of the reserved area
Duration: navigation session
Typology: first part technical cookie

Name: _ga
Purpose:Anonymous analysis of navigation statistics
Duration: 2 years
Typology: third-party technical cookie (Google Analytics)information opt-out

Name: _gat
Purpose: Reduce Google Analytics requests to improve performance on high traffic sites
Duration: 10 minutes
Typology: third-party technical cookie (Google Analytics) information opt-out