Giro d'Italia 2021: Bimotor still on the run to climb new heights

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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding father, Giovanni Brunero, and his victory at the Giro d'Italia, Bimotor takes to the track alongside VISA SPA, supplying two 100kVA FPT Industrial diesel engines, installed in the generators supporting each leg of the race.

Bimotor's genes carry distant cycling origins which are preciously guarded by the family business and still very palpable in the spirit that inspires it today.

The story of Giovanni – Giuanin - Brunero, the forefather of Bimotor, is the beautiful story of a "non-character". He accomplished his feats simply for the sake of accomplishing these and remained true to his humble nature notwithstanding the notoriety attained through his sporting victories.  

Even after his most exciting victory, the 1921 Giro d'Italia, history tells us that Giuanin calmly returned home alone by bicycle to Ciriè, without ever imagining that a crowd had gathered at the train station to celebrate his arrival and triumph. A musical band, the Mayor and City Authorities completed the festive scene.
So as not to disappoint his fellow citizens, once he returned home and was told of the celebrations planned for him, he hurriedly turned his bike around, made his way to the preceding train station, took the first train to Ciriè for his expected arrival and collect some of the deserved glory, so unfamiliar to his nature.

The "stradista" Giovanni Brunero is part of the origins of a company’s history that - since those roaring 20’s - still sets itself increasingly challenging goals with the same resilience, passion, will and tenacity as he did. Like its champion, who remained far from the spotlight, has been able to grind kilometers in time, training relentlessly to take advantage of the market’s opportunities thus becoming the largest distributor of diesel engines in Europe and a reference for industrial and marine engine applications, thanks to its stock of 2,200 engines and thirty years of experience in the integration of propulsion systems within every type of machine or vessel.

Therefore the engine presence at every leg of this year’s Giro d'Italia becomes the best way to pay homage to the cherished legacy of values left by its founder.

Ciriè, 10/05/2021

Bimotor SPA Press Office

Giro d'Italia 2021: Bimotor still on the run to climb new heights