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For applications below 2.4 litres, Bimotor offers the market the Raywin solutions, while above 2.8 liters it is the FPT range that forms the core of our commercial proposition.

In terms of emissions, the Raywin range is homologated to Stage IIIA, thanks to the adoption of an internal EGR system and a Stanadyne rotary pump with high control capacity.

For the FPT range, on less stringent emission levels equivalent to Stage IIIA, the reference technical solution revolves around internal EGR, for Stage V/Tier4B, on the other hand, the solutions adopted differ depending on the engine family.

FPT's long tradition in the adoption of After Treatment systems with SCR has led to a strong optimization of fuel consumption to the benefit of the user and the total cost of ownership of the application.

An extensive option list has been created for all engines, facilitating the integration of the engine within the final application, which can be customized according to the use and application context: from marine inverters to engine panels, from industrial clutches to radiators for heavy duty applications.

FPT engines can benefit from uptime maximization solutions through telematics services, developed for field monitoring of the application, alert generation in correspondence of anomalous events, predictive maintenance management, up to the possibility of remote error reset in the most critical situations.