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FPT Industrial engines range for mobile variable speed applications goes from 55 kW up to 515 kW,
meeting different homologation levels (EU 2016/1628, EPA Tier4B, 96R) depending on the target market.

What is a PIVOT engine?
The PIVOT engine is a basic engine that can also be heavily customized, as long as it is within Mother company guidelines.

On what kind of machines is a PIVOT engine mounted?
On machines intended for agriculture and animal breeding, such as harvesting machines, feeding mixers, grass packers, sprayers.
On construction and earthmoving machines, such as shredders, wheel loaders, transporters, cable tensioners, travel lifts, cranes, telehandlers.
And finally on special applications, such as cable lifts, drilling machines, special vehicles, concrete mixers.
A very wide range of applications that require a high level of engine customization.

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