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Engine control panels provide access to operating parameters and display any fault messages.

For mechanical engines, the panels (LIGHT or FULL) allow quick and intuitive visualisation according to different analogue readings scales and are supplied with the engine wiring.

For StageIIIA electronic motors, the FULL panel comes with the NCM450-based connection interface for simple on-board integration.

For the StageV range, the possibility of customisation is even greater, even though the panel is already configured and validated for the management of the system's messages and regenerations: the BM7 panel, with colour touch screen interface on a 7" diagonal, is able to manage the engine and other information on the machine side; the panel is supplied with the engine and ATS side wiring, NCM700 fuse and relay box and an underpanel wiring harness for managing the key and any other analogue or digital inputs, from the fuel level sensor to an external accelerator.

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