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PWR Stage IV

Bimotor powerpacks for heavy duty applications goe from 63 kW up to 407 kW, meeting the most restrictive homologation levels (StageV, EPA Tier4B).

The FPT Industrial range is marked by a high degree of modularity within the different engine families (F5: F36, NEF: N45 and N67, CURSOR: C87, C13, C16) and the consequent familiarity of application technologies.


PWR Stage V

Aware of the application difficulties associated with the integration of a StageV/Tier4B engine, Bimotor opted for the launch of a series of plug and play products that could simplify the OEM's installation activities while significantly streamlining field validation activities.

The standard scope of supply includes radiator with blower or suction fan, wired exhaust line installed on board the engine, filtering system for combustion air, fuel and lubricant, front and rear rigid mounts, and vehicle connection interface.

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