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Bimotor is an authorized distributor for FPT Industrial, which is a leading brand dedicated to the design, production and sale of powertrains for on and off road vehicles, marine and power generation applications. For further information, please visit www.fptindustrial.com.
We are distributors for North Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia and Slovenia Our aim is to support our customers at our best, enabling them to meet their most advanced technical needs, respecting all environmental requirements and offering them a high level of reliability and efficiency.

Raywin Powertrain Technology Co. (Raywin), is a joint venture between the YUCHAI Group (TOP500 company in China) and the RATO Group (TOP500 manufacturing company in China). In cooperation with prestigious British/Italian/Japanese experts and based in YUCHAI's National Research and Development Centre, Raywin developed - in a 3-year process - new compact, 3- and 4-cylinder off-highway diesel engines with low fuel consumption and eco-friendliness to achieve the goal of high quality and reliability. Due to its reliability, compactness, low noise, high efficiency and environmental friendly design, the first engine type complies with China's National Emission Level Stage III.
Bimotor has been appointed as sales and service distributor for the entire range of Raywin engines and spare parts for France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria and Australia (BM brand engines).
Raywin engines are defined as engines for G-drive, Sprinkler (fire pumps), water pumps, industrial engines, marine engines (4D24、4D24T、3C11 series) and all related Raywin-branded spare parts, as well as Stage V engines or any other single-cylinder engine.
Bimotor has also been appointed as the Raywin Technical Centre for the European Union, for the entire range of Raywin engines and also has the role of Hub for Raywin engine technical documentation. In this role, Bimotor is responsible for leading the adaptation of Raywin engines to European legislation to meet local legislative and market requirements.

Created to confidently meet any marine industry application, Scania's reliable, efficient and lightweight engines have a power range from 220 to 1,150 hp and are based on Scania's modular platform. Designed and manufactured entirely by Scania, they are the result of 130 years of constant development and advanced technologies.
With an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio and responsive torque release, Scania engines are fun to steer and ready for anything, even the most demanding maneuvers.

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited is headquartered in the city of Yulin. Yuchai has become the largest domestic production base for internal combustion engines in China. Yuchai's products cover six sectors: on-road trucks and buses, agricultural and construction machinery, marine applications and power generation. Its product portfolio covers a wide range of emission standards, suitable for sale in both low and highly regulated countries.
Bimotor was appointed by 'YC-Europe GmbH', a subsidiary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited, as the exclusive distributor of Yuchai products for France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Germany.
Yuchai products are defined as the basic YC6MK emergency fire sprinkler motor, including all related Yuchai-branded spare parts, and any new motors for firefighting applications.
Bimotor has the task of completing the basic Yuchai engine, with all specific add-on components, so that this industrial engine becomes a European product, distributed under the Bimotor brand, fully compliant with European fire regulations.

Bimotor has obtained listing of its products for fire-fighting applications under the most stringent regulations for pump drives for fire-fighting applications, i.e. FM 1333 and under UL 1247, with a product range of 58 kW to 228 kW, based on FPT Industrial products and with a thorough technical implementation to enable compliance with global standards.